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Intense Membership


     • Members enjoy 10% discount to every event (up to five tickets per event). 

     • Members have access to pre-sales of events. 

     • Members can refund tickets up to 21 days prior to the event, with a penalty of $25 per ticket. The refunds can only be processed by calling 202-59-MASTI (62784).

     • Members can request reprint lost or stolen tickets at no extra charge.

Terms & Conditions:

     • The membership is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

     • One person can only purchase one membership each year.

     • Membership benefits only apply when purchasing online.

     • Membership benefits can only be used on events organized by IntenseDMV, IntenseDMV Radio, or Intense Entertainment.

     • Membership benefits are only available for online sales through our IntenseDMV portal.

The membership fee is $20 per year.


Last updated: March 8, 2015